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Accessible and friendly legal experts who will take the time to understand your unique situation and help you find a resolution.

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The need to seek legal services and seeing a lawyer is a challenging time for many people. We pride ourselves in offering a friendly and relaxed environment to help calm the nerves and demystify the legal process to ensure clients have the best possible experience.


At DPH Law Group personal relationships, prompt service and open, honest communication are our key values. We are dedicated to each client’s unique needs, because we know that from their success, ours will follow

About Us



DPH Law Group was created out of the expansion of our flagship firm, DPH Lawyers. Still based in the St George area, we aim to enhance the services we are able to provide to our existing clients while growing our business.


At DPH Law Group, we have a range of experienced professionals who are happy to help you through each step of your legal matter. We believe that by creating a relaxed and friendly environment we can ease the stress that you may feel when normally dealing with lawyers.


We actively listen to our clients to allow us to provide a fresh perspective on your matter, giving you an objective and well-thought-out analysis of your legal concerns. We hope to be able to communicate with our clients in a manner that suits their specific needs and expertise.


For added protection and support, we are pleased to advise that all lawyers at DPH Law Group are members of the NSW Law Society.

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